On community defense pt 2

With so many people talking about community defense, the harkening to organized armed formations can inspire safety in some where others feel justified fear. The history of this country is plagued by organized white militias acting as extensions of the state to enforce white supremacy and even leftist movements of the recent past have regressed to these reactionary ideologies that alienate those they allege to protect.


John Brown Gun Club isn’t so much an organization as it is a declaration of intent and commitment to abolitionist principles. In this formation we must bear in mind the way in which society marginalizes us, some more than others, and work collectively to combat those actions without descending to the barbarism of militias.

If we are not lead by the oppressed, then there is no difference between our actions and policing. If we commit ourselves to the protection of property over people, that what difference is there between us and security guards? Militias, by definition heirarchal formations, are antithetical to egalitarian inclusivity foster an “us versus them” mentality separate from the community. We must be united in our commitment to equity.

Do not wait for a named organization or contingent, community defense starts with you. Show up and listen to what your community needs. No one is coming to save us. We’re the ones weve been waiting for.

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On community defense

Activists and allies held trans storytime in Denton to bring a little hope to Trans Awareness week. There’s no need for a depressing reminder of the pressing legislation and violent rhetoric being directed at trans folks worldwide right now, particularly children, particularly in Texas.

Shortly after publication of the event, Protect Texas Kids called for a protest which led to vile phone calls and a string of threats to the venue. What PTK underestimated was the resolve of the owners and the commitment of the community to protect trans kids.

We were invited to support organizers and our trans siblings by ensuring them a safe space to gather in peace. The street was filled with obnoxious hate speech, a few bashful proud boys, a clump of D list youtube personalities, and a couple catholics who couldn’t remember the words to the hymns they sang. Inside, the cheers and laughter of the kids drowned out anything resembling unpleasantness.

The importance of these spaces for children and parents to bond & grow is paramount. We hold in our hearts the innumerable trans children who did not survive to see the joy in the world. It is our hope that in their light, every community can stand in solidarity of the oppressed among them and refuse its continuance. Trans storytime ended as peacefully and joyfully as it began, and we cannot wait for the next.

In the course of writing these events, we came to know of the mass shooting at a drag show at Club Q in Colorado Springs. One needn’t look further than the narrative alternative media sources like Blaze TV, Family Project TX, & TPUSA have tried to spin after yesterday’s storytime to see the manifestation of their yearning for terrorism come to light. There is no productive change in arguing with fascists in the streets but there is one fundamental flaw that erodes the foundation of their logic.


    Kalen D’Almeida. TPUSA grifter dressing in bloc to try to sneak into storytime to secretly film kids reading books.

They insert themselves into communities of which they are not a part of, to capture a fluid something to sell, ever changing with what ideologues tell them to believe. We insert ourselves at the behest and with the leadership of our community, because it is simply the right thing to do. Our values ​​​​​​do not change with the wind, this is why we will win. 

There is more to be done across the state and across this so called country. Is your community defense org in contact with parents of queer and trans children? You should be. Can your community defense org provide compassionate resources, the means to defend themselves, and safe passage to marginalized people? This should be your first priority. Build strong communities together.

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On joy

Yesterday, our friends held the second annual Trans Pride Fest in Denton. Hundreds of LGBTQ folks, including us, were able to gather and hold space together in joyous peace.

There is a shortage of peace in this world as the few who mean to exert their power over us work diligently to rob us of our joy. Living in North Texas where Black trans women are murdered at a disproportionately high rate, and with continued attacks on the autonomy to live free as we are, there has never been a more important time to stand up and fight back. It is imperitive that we stand united to defend these loving spaces together, as one.

We were invited as a group by the supporting organizations of the event to provide medical support, defend the area from bad intentions, and conduct ourselves in a manner that ensured all those attending would be able to gather without worry. In doing so, we assisted folks with a small number of minor injuries, secured the area, and received an outpouring of supportive thanks and love from those attending.

At the conclusion of the evening, we were forced to make the decision to pull out of the event. Inviting a “gun club” to a bar presents numerous obstacles. We overcame those obstacles in a way that could not be challenged legally, or ethically, drawing strict lines of where “51%” notices were binding and conducting ourselves in a way that would not invite state violence onto a group of marginalized people. Throughout the evening and after the rantings of one concerned citizen, the support and consent of the venue slowly diminished until the blatancy of being unwelcome was impossible to ignore. Even on departure the concerned citizen (a cis-gendered woman) filmed, threatened, and harassed us. That’s another story for another day.

Stats from distribution:

  • 20 Narcan distributed/instructions taught
  • One mosh-related injury treated
  • One minor head injury treated
  • One possible spiked drink

All person’s involved are safe and okay.

At the end of the day, the only important thing is that Trans Pride Fest concluded in a joyous roar. The sting of a person making us, a group of predominantly queer & trans folks feel unwelcome, evaporates when we remember the joy and happiness that filled those walls into the night. All of our love goes out to the wonderful community organizers who worked their asses off for months to put this whole thing together. Y’all the real ones ❤️

In solidarity,

Elm Fork John Brown Gun club

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We are the insurrectionist generation

Submitted by: anonymous 

We are tired and broken. The state has oppressed us beyond our limits. We were told this was the Land of the Free, yet everywhere we turn we are being told what to do with our bodies and minds in order to uphold the patriarchal monopoly on violence. But we must not give into the propaganda that was meant to deceive and control us. Many people are waiting around for an insurrection to start. But you see, the insurrection will not wait for us. We must call on the revolution and set its course at our own discretion. We are the insurrectionist generation.

The white supremacists that currently own and operate this stolen land have begun their own revolutionary movement and they have proven they will not give up until they are forced to. The oppressors in our government have the audacity to make up meaningless laws to control our autonomy as if they don’t work for us. You see, we put food on their tables, we put a roof over their heads, we give them a bed to sleep in at night. Yet, they have neglected to remember this. And it’s about time the colonizers are reminded who they work for. It’s us and it has always been us. We are the insurrectionist generation.

Without us, this state is nothing. We outnumber them. We are the only ones giving them power. We can take just as quickly as we can give. And we will take just as quickly as we gave. We are the insurrectionist generation.

There will never be a right time to take our liberation back. The only time is now. We have nothing to lose but our chains. We are the insurrectionist generation.

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Points of unity

We are the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club in so called Texas. We live on stolen Tawakoni, Comanche, and Caddo land and through this lens we guide our mission of anti-colonial, abolitionist principle.

Our mission is to build a liberatory framework to promote autonomous defense of our communities from violent repression by the state, its agents, and other fascists. The brutality of capitalism and commodification of survival inherently faces all people with the choice to buy in or die and we seek to make this economic system reliant on oppression obsolete. We commit to checking ourselves and demonstrate the willingness to introspect. We commit to building a loving and comfortable culture inhospitable to abuse and neglect.

Anti-capitalism– We seek to empower the collective bargaining leverage of the working class through militant organization, as a class. Acknowledging the dilluting and capitalist influence of business unions, we seek to organize workers as a class, rather than by industry, into collectives. This includes supporting tenant unions, worker-led pickets/strikes, defending unhoused communities from sweeps, etc.

We oppose hierarchical capitalist designations of human worth based on margin of output affected by physical and mental differences. We reject the stigma and judgement of these differences and seek to build a lasting bond of dignity, empowerment, and self worth for all judged by the ownership class. Whereas liberatory movements and bureaucratic processes themselves act as stalwart obstacles to class organization, we commit to deconstruct obstacles to participation and build a pathway of inclusivity for all community members.

Community Defense– We believe in empowering communities to militantly protect each other from being deprived of their basic human needs by coercion and violence on the part of the state and those who are served by oppressive power structures. Evictions, sweeps, artificial scarcity of medication and food, domestic violence, political violence plagues our community and we are committed through action to oppose them. We do not seek to impose an ideology on others; doing so would make us no better than the authoritarians we oppose. We seek instead to build a foundation where our multiple worlds can coexist.

Abolition– from the beginnings of policing as runaway slave patrols and union busters to the modern day militarized agents of capital exchange, police have never existed as more than agents of white supremacy and the mass incarceration of the working class. As a group we are opposed to any collaboration with police. This includes applying for permits for protests, sharing Intel on fascists with police, attending events sanctioned and planned alongside police, etc.

Universal Liberation– We commit to always punching up, never punching down. We recognize that white supremacy and capitalism are intertwined and the abolition of capital and the abolition of racism are inextricably linked. We believe that while many groups of people, both ethnic and religious, are subjugated by the state worldwide, the direct and indirect acceptance of anti-Blackness permeates liberatory movements to the core, and we must work to eradicate this erasure and center the voices and work of Black liberation movements. We acknowledge that is not enough to be opposed to racism in all forms, we must be actively anti-racist by eradicating the unconscious racist in our head.

We are a feminist organization with no tolerance for misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, or egoist machismo. The erasure and subjugation of feminity is a crucial component of fascism, nationalism, and conservatism. The fight against fascism and the feminist struggle are intertwined and all members are expected to commit to promoting a welcoming and inclusive space for femme members.

Egalitarian– We are committed to the working equitably both internally and externally insofar as rejecting hierarchy in any form so that all work may have the most effective focus from all contributors.

Solidarity– For the foundations of these structures to survive, we must build bridges of trust with the community and collaborate rather than compete. We are only one part of the solution, to that end we must support existing programs aligning with our points of unity rather than fracture resources and decrease efficiency.

Direct Action– We reject the masquerade of representation of electoral politics and instead will fight to defend our communities directly ourselves and with the solidarity of our allies. We recognize that electoral politics is a tool of the ownership class to pivot militancy to false representation and will not allow elected representatives of the state within our organization to prevent altering trajectory from liberatory practices.


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